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Ah, Machine Knitting!

All Points Yarn is an authorized dealer of Silver Reed Knitting machines, accessories, and the DesignaKnit program for the PC. Visit our Knitting Machines page for current models and pricing! Accessories for these machines are on our Machine Knitting Accessories page. We offer Machine Knitting classes on an appointment basis. See our List of Classes for more information.

If you're interested in Pre-Owned equipment, visit the Pre-Owned Knitting Machines page. We sell Yarn Country, TAMM, EPiC, and many yarns suitable for machine knitting on cones and hanks, including hard to find wools and wool blends. Inquire further about available yarns for your machine.

If you need machine spray or lubrication, we sell SuperLube machine oils.

We also offer a comprehensive knitwear program called DesignaKnit™ which can help you realize your inspirations in hand and machine knitting, crochet, and needle arts.

Patterns and publications are featured on the Machine Knitting Products page. These include all 18 Design Compendium CDs, The Mosaic Knitting Companion CD, as well as the Passap E8000 Index & Cross Reference. Articles from Morgan's bibliography are available for purchase by e-mail request.

Not a machine knitter yet? See the excitement of machine knitting in action! Take an introductory class and learn about the vast creative resource a knitting machine can be. Classes are scheduled by appointment. See All Points Yarn's List of Classes for the hand-knit, and crochet schedule.

If a class doesn't fit your schedule, please inquire about 1-on-1 training sessions. This is a great way to focus on the specific goals you have in mind and determine how which knitting machine can best meet that need.

Don't be shy, machine knitting is its own craft, and isn't a complete substitute for hand knitting by any means. Machine knitting certainly does not "cheat" on hand knitting, as some hand knitting snobs would lead you to believe either. Classes at All Points Yarn emphasize the unique capabilities of machine knitting, hand knitting, crochet, and so forth. You'll delve into what makes machine knitting so fascinating and rewarding!

When making knitting machine and accessories purchases, PLEASE NOTE: Due to fluctuations in the international market, prices and availability are subject to change without notice. Always call for current pricing and availability first.
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